Sarasota is a fun, bustling, and spirited city and walking along main street is a real treat for locals and visitors alike. With numerous eateries, antique stores, boutiques, coffee shops, and galleries. A real feast for the senses, the energetic atmosphere is frequented by many individuals who are seeking a restaurant in downtown Sarasota for Sunday brunch, bar hopping, or getting out for lunch with family or friends.

Options for Young, Old, and Everything In Between

If people watching is one of your hobbies, look no further than downtown Sarasota. People of all ages and stages flock to this downtown area which is always humming and full of adventure. Whether it be a leisurely Sunday morning with a Bloody Mary or mimosa, or a Saturday night out with your best buds, main street Sarasota fits the bill. Feast on mouth-watering chef-inspired concoctions while enjoying craft cocktails and taking in all the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells.

Lunch Break? Main Street Won’t Disappoint

Even during the week, downtown Sarasota is full of life with bars that offer a large array of unique libations and fabulous food. For the gourmet food lover, there are plenty of options to choose from, and for the farm to table aficionado some superb selections. For people working in the Sarasota area, taking a lunch break at one of the main street restaurants will help break up a hard day at the office. Why not enjoy the fabulous views and dine outside to breathe in some fresh air away from the office? Get out and walk along main street after your lunch. There’s nothing better than strolling along taking in all the dynamic sights and sounds to invigorate you after a delicious lunch.

Choose Upscale or Homey Choices

Restaurants that support local growers, farmers, dairies, and ranchers serve up delectable cuisine along main street featuring the freshest of the fresh ingredients. When picking your destination for a fabulous lunch, dinner, or brunch, look no further than Sarasota’s main street with positive vibes and scrumptious meals, snacks and desserts.

Seasonal Cocktails – Never Dull

Unwinding in a Sarasota bar or restaurant with chef-created seasonal cocktails is never boring or mundane. With seasonal creations, such as an old-fashioned with fresh orange peel and pistachio cane syrup, or a delicious cocktail made with fresh pressed lime, pineapple, grapefruit peel and habanero agave with the finest tequila. Why settle for ho-hum beverages when you deserve a night out relaxing? Lots of Sarasota restaurants feature choices that are out of the ordinary, and you’re worth it!

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Top Sarasota restaurants provide dining options that offer a new twist on old home favorites, such as fried green tomatoes or a juicy burger with aged cheddar and billionaire bacon. Whether it’s seafood, beef, cheese, milk, cream, fruits, berries, or vegetables, there are many fine local chefs who proudly support the local farmers who cultivate the absolute freshest ingredients. Guests leave satisfied and ready to come back to these Sarasota restaurants for more.