Sarasota’s downtown area is a true destination for the finest dining, shopping, and clubs. Leisurely walking along Main Street and taking in the fabulous restaurants and shops is something residents and visitors alike enjoy with regularity. With the Sarasota Film Festival’s theater within walking distance, the area is a sought-after spot that can’t be missed, and people never tire of it.

Fresh, Scrumptious Dining Options

Seeking out just the right eatery to serve up some mouth-watering American food that is both garden-fresh and locally sourced is absolutely not a problem. There are plenty of cozy restaurants that support local ranchers, local farmers, and local dairies, offering the freshest produce. Whether diners prefer indoor or outdoor areas for their experience, there are ample selections. Heated outdoor areas keep guests comfortable when the evenings cool down.

Libations for Enjoyment

Indulging in a handcrafted cocktail in downtown Sarasota bars is the perfect way to unwind. Whether guests fancy bourbon, rye, tequila, rum, or vodka, there are lots of spots that offer superb cocktails to be enjoyed while relaxing and chilling out on a busy day. Some Sarasota bars and restaurants offer chef-created drinks that will surprise and delight customers, who then want to spread the word and bring their friends in for sampling these creations.

Options Abound

Whether you are craving comfort food, upscale sandwiches, or unique chef-created concoctions, there is something for you in downtown. Some eateries use an American favorite — mac and cheese — to create a lunch or dinner in Sarasota that will not disappoint. Mouth-watering cuisine like good ‘ol fried chicken, or options such as seafood, salads with an added protein, or a Philly cheese steak sandwich are all selections that can be dished up at an upscale, yet homey, location in downtown Sarasota. The only real problem will be choosing from the wide array of delicious menu items available at many local hangouts.

Award-Winning Brunch

If brunch is on the docket this Sunday, it is highly encouraged to make a reservation at an award-winning brunch destination in downtown Sarasota. Reservations can be easily made online for several brunch spots. Traditional Sunday brunch fare, plus some unique versions of omelets, Benedict, French toast, biscuits, or pancakes are plentiful along Sarasota’s Main Street. Guests can have it their way — traditional French toast, or an innovative spin-off of the old favorite that is topped with double-dipped fried chicken. Plenty of chef-created options on the brunch menu will delight guests when they visit Main Street restaurants. Downtown Sarasota offers a bountiful array of upscale comfort food to delight the senses. And of note, diners needn’t forget about the fabulous brunch cocktails available, with or without alcohol.

Restaurants in downtown Sarasota are sensitive to food allergies and vegan or vegetarian diets. Gluten-free options, vegetarian options, and even heart healthy menu items are offered to fit everyone’s needs. Diners don’t have to skip a lunch or brunch out in Sarasota because of food allergies. All can enjoy their dining experience on Main Street without any worries.

Night Life

Bar hopping in downtown Sarasota couldn’t be better. Groups flock to the Main Street area to meander along the quaint, homey boulevards, and stop in to enjoy handmade cocktails, and munch on happy hour appetizer specials. Great deals can be found which makes an evening easy on the pocketbook, not to mention the enjoyment from the hip atmosphere, and upbeat and fun-to-watch crowds. Live music is plentiful, and creative drinks with a ‘farm to table’ flair can be found for people wanting something fresh and new. Beer, wine, classic cocktails or handcrafted creations will please any palette at the bars in downtown Sarasota. It’s highly advisable to take in the bar scene in the evening hours and enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and, yes — the fabulous climate.

Residents and tourists alike can find any type of fare their palette desires at downtown Sarasota restaurants – from upscale to down home, and from brunch to bistros to bars.