For residents of Sarasota, FL, there are many stellar downtown restaurants and bars from which to choose. Whether someone is looking for an outstanding Sunday brunch, lunch with friends, or an after-work cocktail, downtown Sarasota bars and restaurants, including those on Main Street, stand ready to serve and impress.

But what if someone is planning a party or event and is looking for a restaurant in downtown Sarasota to handle both hosting and catering? The following criteria should be considered when looking for the right venue and caterer.

Consider the Size of the Party

Whether a person is looking to plan a birthday celebration, graduation party, wedding or baby shower, anniversary, or a company luncheon or dinner, the size of the guest list must be the first consideration when choosing a venue. Certainly, if there are only a handful of guests, a smaller restaurant might be able to accommodate the party and provide a nice, intimate setting. But if the event will include twenty, thirty, or forty guests, a larger restaurant, perhaps with a semi-private room for hosting events, would be an ideal choice — somewhere large enough to comfortably seat and serve a large group.

Search for Top-Notch Service

Everyone loves to celebrate special events with family and friends, but often all the work involved with cleaning the house, shopping for and cooking all the food, mixing the drinks, and then cleaning it ALL up afterward takes all the fun out of hosting the party. Instead look for restaurants on Main Street in Sarasota that can host large groups on site, and let their catering manager, servers, and bartenders do the “heavy lifting.” Look for restaurants that offer creative solutions to party ideas, responsive communication, and a “put the customer first” attitude.

Consider Food and Drink Offerings

Of course, even if a restaurant can accommodate the size of the guest list and their service is outstanding, what guests will really remember is the food. Whether hosting a Sunday brunch bridal shower in Sarasota, a company lunch, or a fun rehearsal dinner, the party planner should look for a restaurant with an award-winning menu, delicious food, and reasonable prices. They can read reviews online – looking for reviews that rave about the restaurant’s flavors, seasonings, unique offerings, and cocktails – then visit themselves to sample the fare.

Look for Ample Parking

In a downtown area, parking can be difficult. To ensure their guests have plenty of parking options and don’t have to walk 8 blocks in high heels and party dresses, the event host should choose a restaurant or bar in downtown Sarasota that can offer ample parking, even when dozens of guests will be arriving at the same time. Street parking can be hard to come by, so restaurants that have a large parking lot or, even better, a parking garage to easily fit a large number of cars all at once, are ideal choices.

Choose the Right Downtown Sarasota Restaurant to Host a Stress-Free Event

When planning a party, no one really wants to worry about the food prep, house cleaning, cooking, serving, and mess cleanup. Those just wanting to meet up with friends and have a good time should choose a downtown Sarasota restaurant that can cater their event on site with terrific food, reasonable prices, top-notch service, and ample parking.