When we talk about Sarasota, we remember the sensation artistry, the vibrant culture and, of course, the impeccable cuisine. While Florida is mainly known to be an excellent place for retirement, tourism thrives in Sarasota city and county.

That said, with every beautiful landmark you stop over, it can be challenging to hold back the craving for a good meal – especially when you pass by the exceptional MADE Restaurant by 1990 Main St., #112 Sarasota.


Locally-made with Notable Accolades

If the name “MADE Restaurant” rings a bell, then that’s because its exquisite cuisine has raised the bar when it comes to American comfort food. This icon of comfort dining was first established in 2013 by Mark Woodruff and Michael Ripatranzone.


The restaurant stood the test of time and is now hailed as one of the well-loved dining spots in the area. In fact, its delectable dishes have earned it an impressive array of awards, including the Best Restaurant Sarasota, FL; Best Fried Chicken Sarasota, FL; Best Brunch Sarasota, FL; and Best Sandwich Sarasota, FL. Alongside all that praise for good food, the head chef of MADE Restaurant, Mark Woodruff, was also awarded the Best Chef Sarasota, FL.


With such an accolade for their cuisine, service, and overall impact on the Sarasota community, the MADE Restaurant was also featured in the Sarasota magazine as the Best of SRQ.


A Consolation for the Community

Indeed, the MADE Restaurant has made itself a household name for modern American-style cuisine and comfort dining for days. Still, there is so much about this establishment that meets the eye.


One thing about MADE that keeps their customers coming back for more is their exemplary customer service. Having pride themselves in showcasing old-school hospitality, both the staff and the management put their best foot forward when serving the locals and tourists of the Sarasota community. Because of this, the restaurant has become the go-to destination for meet-ups, get-togethers, and celebratory dining.


That said, their customers almost find it too easy to return to where they are valued and appreciated. In line with that, the MADE Restaurant management also ensures the well-being of their staff and servers. This was their way of fostering an environment of compassion within the establishment.


Humbled, Headstrong, Home

Despite earning all those awards, the MADE Restaurant declares deep respect for its roots. Because of this, the establishment proudly supports local farmers, ranchers, and growers devoted to providing fresh produce for the community. The pantries of the MADE Restaurant are stocked with produce sourced from the locals, namely the Dakin Dairy, Worden Farms, Kinsey Produce, and the Chef’s Choice Dairy and Produce. This way, the people that build the dining industry in Sarasota can grow together with their tourism.


The establishment pioneers also had humble beginnings on their venture, with Mark Woodruff pursuing his love for food in the family business. On the other hand, Michael gave up numerous career prospects to manage what now appears to be one of the best restaurants in Florida. Both men, whose approaches to the business vary like night and day, finally built a restaurant to suit every type of person to ever set foot in Sarasota. Their partnership only promises a brighter future for MADE Restaurant and the community of Sarasota, and we have that to look forward to.