All this time that we’ve recently spent indoors has led to a greater appreciation for the simpler pleasures we get to experience outdoors. To be quite frank, we’re more than sure that anyone reading this must be so excited for the day where we can all get out the front door without worrying about getting sick.

Nowadays, you could say that socializing in close proximity now feels like it belongs to an old world, a world forgotten because of recent times.

That no longer has to be the case.

In fact, we’re delighted to say that an old friend is back in town, inviting us to step out of our homes for a little while– with masks worn and sanitizers on-hand, of course.

This old friend is outdoor dining.

Al Fresco is Here to Stay

Learning fun, new recipes & exploring our culinary capabilities during quarantine season may have made for an enriching experience. Still, nothing beats a short but sweet trip to your favorite restaurant, featuring top-quality dishes and delicacies prepared by well-known chefs and restaurateurs that have been a staple in our local communities. Now the wait is over, because MADE Restaurant is back, offering the best outdoor dining in Sarasota, Fl.

It’s been a long time coming, so if you’re looking for a reason to step out the door for a little sunshine and a whole lot of deliciousness, this is it. This is your tell-tale sign to visit MADE Restaurant as soon as possible.

As a way to reimagine public spaces with both beauty and utility, restaurant owners Mark and Michael have enhanced their restaurant’s dining experience, bringing in more air and light into the establishment. Given how much people embrace open areas nowadays, MADE now features an area where customers can once again experience community and social interaction in real-time. To top it all off, MADE continues on with its tradition to offer its patrons the real deal when it comes to quality food. That’s right; no longer will anyone in Sarasota, FL be confined to refrigerated meals, processed food, and fast food deliveries to soothe their day to day cravings.


Open Air Accommodations and Open Arms

Rediscover the simple joy and pleasure of dining with family and friends – only this time with a rejuvenating view and atmosphere. Enjoy MADE Restaurant’s signature dishes under the shade of their awning overhang, covering the entire patio space and offering comfort and convenience as you take delight in meaningful meals and even more meaningful company. As you are surrounded by fresh and open Sarasota air, dine in the presence of a vibrant culture that has continued to thrive despite the challenges of recent times, and relish in impeccable cuisine that embodies authentic American comfort food.

Furthermore, the restaurant staff is definitely up to the challenge when it comes to customer service despite the health crisis. Necessary protocols are being followed to ensure a risk-free dining experience without sacrificing the quality of staff to customer interaction. Known for their showcase of old-school hospitality and exemplary management, MADE Restaurant is once again proving itself as an establishment that not only cares for its customers, but values its wonderful staff as well. Here, both the locals and visitors of Sarasota, FL will find all there is to love about the city in one cozy place.


A Community Effort going Strong

Many things comprised the foundations of MADE Restaurant’s definitive comeback – most of which include the empowering efforts of the Sarasota community. The establishment’s founders, Mark and Michael, partnered with local farmers, growers, and ranchers to provide  the best-tasting dishes to their patrons from only the freshest, locally-sourced produce.

MADE Restaurant’s long-standing business companions Dakin Dairy, Worden Farms, Kinsey Produce, and the Chef’s Choice Dairy and Produce are back in action to stock up MADE Restaurant’s pantries on the daily, ensuring each plate is rich in quality and culture. In a way, this has all been a successful attempt to rekindle the passions of a struggling community, all while keeping local businesses afloat during troubling times.


Dine with us Today

If you happen to pass by 1990 Main St., #112 in Sarasota, don’t forget to stop by and grab a bite to eat at MADE Restaurant. Alongside the proper observation of health protocols, you get to experience comfortable al fresco dining made possible by the efforts of the award-winning duo, Mark Woodruff and Michael Ripatranzone, and their amazing staff. Be a part of local tradition, have a taste of the outside world, and get your fill of great food and excellent customer service at MADE Restaurant’s al fresco outdoor dining.

You’re made to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, only at MADE.